Oakwood Pet Hospital  



DOGS:  $65 for Neuter / $85 for Spay + Take Home Meds

CATS:  $50 + Take Home Meds

We understand what it's like to own a pet and the costs associated with pet ownership.  We know many of our clients have more than one pet and price is a concern.  We are here to help you get your new fur baby to a healthy start at an affordable price!

OH!  We will never use a scalpel blade on your pet!  We only use a SURGICAL LASER!  MUCH less pain and better healing. . . . and a HAPPIER PET!!

About Us: Oakwood Pet Hospital - Veterinarian in Bentonville

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday                               8:00am - 5:00pm​

Saturdays           By Appointment ​




We ensure your pet gets the BEST surgical care.


We perform a thorough examination of your pet's mouth and use an ultrasonic scaler to clean and a polisher to polish your pet's teeth.  We apply a dental sealant to your pet's teeth to decrease plaque accumulation as well as a COMPLIMENTARY PEDICURE!  :)

We offer a FREE ULTRASOUND of your pet's bladder when we clean his or her teeth.  Checking is important because so many pets have bladder or kidney stones that go undetected because no one ever looked.  You pet will definitely thank you for caring so much!


Special Services

The best care for your best friend!




We provide services that will help your pet HEAL.

-----------------------------------​​DENTAL  HEALTH  IS  



We're passionate about animals and only offer the best care possible.


We want to take the time to get to know YOU as a person in addition to caring for your fur baby.  We view our clients as our family and we want you to feel comfortable calling us at any time with any questions or concerns!  :)

Oakwood Pet Hospital is a full-service animal hospital in Bentonville, Arkansas. Our veterinarians and assistants are very experienced and prepared to handle any situation. Caring for animals is a very rewarding job, and we take it very seriously.  


At Oakwood Pet Hospital, we'll only provide high-standard, loving care for your pet. Call and schedule a complimentary check-up today!





Please accept a





  • LASER THERAPY with Adequan - arthritis, pain, increases wound healing speed, fights infection, etc!
  • Cranial Cruciate Repair (KNEE SURGERY) - Less invasive surgery, Less pain, Lower price
  • Perineal Urethrostomy
  • Anal Sacculectomy 
  • Cystotomy
  • Ultrasound
  • Deep Ear Flush
  • Ear Pack Treatment
  • Grooming
  • ​Boarding


the health 

of animals

We only recommend what's BEST for your pet.

479-273-7100  2301 Oakwood Avenue, Bentonville, AR  72712

Success Stories:

  • ​ “Only place I'll take my fur baby. They are so kind, always. Great service and the vet remembers my dog every time.” -Zoe W.

  • "Love the staff and the doctor. They care dearly about my fur babies. I get phone calls at times to get check ups. I do t trust them with anyone else. Thank you for being the wonderful and big hearted person each of you are.” -Shelley R.

  • “Our German Shepherd is always very well taken care of every time we take her here! We have been going here for over a year and every time has been fantastic! Very professional and nice workers! They really love their jobs and each animal that comes in!” -Carl C.

  • “The vet and her staff have been wonderful treating our 19 yr old cat and have made several successful care suggestions other vets have not.  Couldn’t be more pleased and definitely recommend this clinic.” -Steve C.

  • “Thanks for the excellent service and care!  Perfect!” -J B.

  • "We have been going to this vet since we moved here in 2000. One of our dogs almost died but the great people there saved her and will go the extra mile."  -Chris K.

  • "They care about the animals.  You can feel it when you enter the door. . ."  -Lorrie E.

  • ". . . The first time we went we found not only medical caretakers for our animals but people that became family, something we didn't have here.  Our animal babies would never go any place else."  -David N.

  • "Dr. Andrea is very knowledgable and thorough in her examinations.  My dog is feeling so much better since she has treated him for an infection and determined he has a thyroud issue.  I wish she was my physician as well!"  -Robyn S.

  • "We took our yorkie in because she had hurt her paw and to get updated on her shots.  Upon examination, Dr. Strecker found she had a double ear infection.  On top of that, she noticed our dog was showing signs of a tick disease and then actually found a tick on her.  We thought Charleigh was just becoming more calm and less active with age, but she was actually sick and we didn't know!  Now, after treatment, she is more active and hyper than I have seen her in a long time!  So glad we took her to Dr. Strecker!"  -Tammy R.

  • "Dr. Strecker and her staff are super!"  -Bobbi D.

  • "Dr. Strecker is a dedicated vet and understands these animals are family.  She has made sure our animals are at their healthiest at all times.  She has even called us in the evenings to make sure everything is going well.  Thank you for all you do!  We really appreciate it!"  -Nikki K.

  • "You could not ask for a more caring person than Dr. Strecker.  She has been wonderful to both of my dogs.  I recommend her to everyone."  -Terri B.

  • "Dr. Strecker is a kind, caring, thoughtful person who is a vet.  She is not afraid to let her light shine for Christ and share Him with any who will accept the share.  I enjoy visiting with her about everyday things and sharing recipes.  She always does her best with each animal and that makes me appreciate and trust her more with my own 'baby'.  The people who work for her are super, also.  Good people, good place."  -Glenda D. 

  • "I love Oakwood Pet Hospital because not only does Dr. Andrea Strecker genuinely care about the animals, she genuinely cares about the owner as well.  She has the knowledge to accurately diagnose the animals' conditions, and the clinic is well equipped and up to date with the current vet practices.  My yorkie is not a people dog at all, but Dr. Strecker is patient with her and handles her well even thought she constantly scrambles to get away from the vet.  My yorkie is feistier than ever since her first visit with Dr. Strecker a year ago!"  -Tamara R. 

  • "I love Oakwood Pet Hospital because they saved my first dog (a rescue) and best friend's life from a case of heartworms.  Jess, Enzo, and Duke"  -Jessica S.

  • "Sammi's up and running thanks to Oakwood Pet Hospital!"  -Stacy C.

  • "We love Oakwood Pet Hospital because they have saved our dog Snow's life twice and always take care of all our animals.  Even our birds!!!  Thanks Dr. Strecker!!! You're truly amazing."  -Elaine K.

  • "I love Oakwood because one of my favorite vet techs works there and I know how much she loves all the animals!  She was born that way."  -Melanie C.